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Dancing into 2018

Out with the old , in with the new…but how many times have we heard these types of  phrases ? (let me guess — since we were little?)   \/(- _ -)\/

Sooo we are kicking out that phrase and we’re walking  Image result for walking emoji  into the new year with      VYBZ  Moji vybz  and to flow ~~~ into this vybz here are a few things you can do for 2018..

Here we go:

  1. Take on a new project(s) It can be something as small as planning your own party, starting a garden or as big as organizing a fundraiser for a worthy cause.                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  2.  Do little exercises Now every year people start of their so called resolutions by saying , I’m going to eat healthy or , I’m gonna exercise everyday, but let’s be realistic (that ain’t gonna happen >_> ..The best thing to do is to take it step by step, nothing strenuous, nothing over the top you can start by doing little breathing exercises, around 2 to 3 push ups not daily but at least start, see how long you can keep it up you may just surprise yourself.                                                                                                                                                               
  3. Enjoy the little things Go for a walk outside, smartphone? take some pictures (NOT of yourself) of the things arowalkund you, the sky, trees, flowers.Walk in the rain. We are so busy working and complaining we forget to take time to appreciate the small things.Take a break give your senses a chance to relax and feel, ease the tension in your body.                                                                                                             
  4. Get Crafty  craft.jpegTo take your mind of things ‘unwind’ from the long weeks ahead you might want to do something crafty probably do a card, knit something make a puppet free up you may have found a new hobby that can assist you financially this year.


       5.Go new places Although it’s hard for you to believe — no one person has been everywhere. There’s always a new place to try, things to see and do especially in Grenada so find them. You can gather some friends go out take a bus, go exploring you may just find your happy place if you haven’t as yet.

These five things are only opinions, if you find them interesting then good for you, if not there are plenty of other things you can find to bring vybz into your 2018. Make it a year of difference.



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Hiding in plain sight…

The view is scenic , it is a chill spot for most couples friends and not to mention some families, but what lies behind all this beauty and between the rocks is  unimaginable.

The National Disaster Management team held a national clean up campaign over the weekend. One of the focused areas in the town of St George was the location behind the Andalls and NIS area, or as some people call it “on the rocks”.

The trash sighted seemed to have been accumulating for some number of years so much so that the clean up could not be done entirely.

The odour was even more unbearable. I wondered how ‘courting’,  young people and others in general sat and ate in the area.

It boggled my mind to see the amount and the type of trash found. I wondered what type of unpleasant  citizens we had,  living in our country.

The items found were nothing less of shocking,  KFC boxes and styrofoam bowls and cups hit the top of the list.(If I didn’t know better  I would have thought KFC was located in the NIS building.) , A bag containing clothing and underwear including work apparel was found. Most astoundingly was a secondary school tie !

I shook my head and I am still shaking my head in disgrace..

If we can scorn homeless people for being nasty and do this to our own country, then we are worse than the homeless person who decides not  to bathe for a month. We must first learn to have pride in ourselves and our country in order to hold up the brand of being ‘pure’ and patriotic.

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What makes you feel good?

Everyone has a list of things at the top of their mind that puts them in a feel good mood. These things are normally done to release tension in the body , relaxing our muscles and creating a sense of calm within ourselves.

Here is a list from least to great that makes one feel good.

#6. Swimming in a body of water: If you love the beach , the scenery you know what I’m talking about. To just submerge under releases any tension in the body and being under water is one of the greatest feelings. Below the sea is a stillness just you and your thoughts this I believe is a great way to be present with the mind.StockSnap_UDWZ9OZ6QQ.jpg

#5. Have you ever released tears from the dept of your soul? And did it feel like you were letting go tons of load from off your shoulders? How did you feel after? Crying relaxes the body and reduces stress and panic.pexels-photo-235355

#4. Just getting rid of the waste from our body is a relief. All those toxins we walk around with..when you finally sit down to let that out, you can’t say it doesn’t feel good! Am I right!?pexels-photo-1722196

#3. Laughter is another reliever of the mind. Science says laughing releases endorphins easing our muscles and any tightness in the body. giving us that good feeling.laugh

#2. It’s always good to give your body a rest. Sleep makes one feel good because it helps in the  repair of blood vessels, relaxes the mind and causes us to function effectively in society. A well rested body is full of energy for the day ahead.sleep

#1. “….One does not love breathing”  by Harper Lee” Most times we are only conscious of breathing when our lives are in desperate need of it, but it is surely one of the best feelings in the world and most important too. Imagine those who depend daily on a machine to support their breathing and then be greatful you are not in that position. One of the best time to consciously take a deep breath would be early in the morning before the hustle and bustle of the people around you, that fresh air gives your body a great feeling.breath

These six thing made my list..but what makes yours? If you enjoyed leave a comment below and don’t forget to follow.blog post pic2

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Living for you! What it means.

“The unhappiest people in this world are the people who care the most of  what everyone else thinks”. We can’t help but think about what someone assumes about us however if we are to let others assumptions constrict us into living a dull closed up life we will NEVER be happy.beautiful-boardwalk-dawn-247314

Many people today are in a box, too afraid to take risks and try new things or just be their authentic self because they are too busy looking to see who’s watching, talking, or thinking about them (mind you at times what others are thinking about us are far from what we are thinking they are thinking).


When your constantly looking for approval approval-correct-diverse-1282270from others always conscious of what your friends, neighbors, strangers would think then it becomes a mental and emotional load and eventually you’ll be miserable. It’s okay to be conscious because our minds are made that way, however we should not let that consciousness consume or define our lives, as a matter of fact to cut out the desire of consciously thinking of others we can; focus on how our decisions impact yours and others lives, will it leave a positive impact or a negative? If not make your choice and be confident in it.

At the end of it all your life is yours and remember “no matter how good a person you are there will always be someone criticizing you” so weigh your choices futuristically and make you decision to live for you and not others.


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Changing our Mindset Becoming Positive

Positivity is hard to achieve especially if your not surrounded by positive people, but it’s important to maintain some piece of positivity throughout life.

Keeping your Positivity 

This story Iblog post pic3jpg once read  said “..think about the things you could do instead of the things you can’t….” which is true we often times remain miserable and depressed thinking about missed opportunities and things we can’t achieve while there are tons of other things waiting for us to tackle.

For example your trip to Bahia got canceled due to weather conditions ..so what do you do? stay home and be angry about the trip or enjoy the present by find fun things to do in your own country.

Changing your mindset begins by saying to yourself I can do it!…some people might say well I’m lying to myself  if I say ‘I am this’ or ‘I can do that’ …. but honestly this is  apart of encouraging yourself speaking to yourself with faith and belief that you are strong…if your saying it and you don’t believe it then of course you would be lying to yourself and defeating the purpose.

Now after you have told yourself that you can and you are, you have to get up and start working..think about it, you have a cup of water you want to make some lemonade the lemons are on a tree …definitely you’ll have to get up and get the lemons off the tree or you’ll just be stuck with the cup of water only.

Telling yourself that you can accomplish something is you pushing  yourself  and that’s what you need, if you don’t push yourself then your gonna sit on your ass forever and you won’t find what makes you content.

Remember when you speak it goes up there in your brain then you can easily fulfill  your dreams. Take that first step.

Something to start doing this week: Every time you think of something negative for example “I’m not–” stop and remind yourself  I’m going to only think positive.

Think about the things you have and the things you have accomplished this far and let those memories and achievements be your push.


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Money =Happiness?

Plainy NO !new prj

Money does not make us happy but having it helps us to do happy things!? right?

uhhh Nope…

Some people have money and have never done one exciting thing in their life cause all they are focused about is the thrill of getting more money..and most times the people who are struggling financially are the ones enjoying life and being grateful.

Here are 2 truths about money.

It is not important as the air you breath; and it’s true which is important your health or busting your butt to get more money in a job that requires too much of you..ec-dollar-wic-eastern-caribbean-money_wic-news-696x464

Money unlike life is always there; and there are plenty of ways to obtain it legally.  Hey when you die can the money go with you? (I don’t think soo!!). That’s why I encourage less stressing over your money problems. Be satisfied with what you have, this is not to say you shouldn’t go after what you want, but don’t let it go to your head or you just might end up not having anything your working so hard for.

Don’t forget what really matters.

At the end of the day nothing matters more than yourself and the family that you have around you. You can have all the money in the world but if you have no one to share it with, then it’s not worth it, is it?

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(Disclaimer- All pictures used in this post with the * were taken from Google. I do not claim ownership.)



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Climbing out of deep holes (finding inspiration & motivation)

Inspiration and where does it come from?

Motivation and Inspiration can’t work without each other. When you your motivated inspiration comes jogging along and vise versa.new prj.jpg

There are days when you don’t feel motivated at all..you just feel like sleeping in all day and not moving, nothing seems inspiring and everything feels gray. Things are a mess and seem to be getting worse. Then there comes a point a realization, that is, when you look at your life and say nope..nah..no…noo way..(inspiration to be better ;),  and that’s when motivation kicks in..but it doesn’t always stay..does it!? so how do you get it to stay?

Make a plan and stick to it even if it means sleeping at a certain hour each night, planning out your day so you know where to start and whats next (but also leaving space for the unexpected).

Related image

Keep active, do stretches, yoga if you have to or some exercise this can definitely  keep you fresh and motivated to do more in a day.

Image result for exercise

Look at and surround yourself with others who are actively and positively pursuing a healthy and vibrant life..these people should encourage you to become productive.

Read blogs look at vlogs that touch on motivational topics and also use them to find inspiration for other things you want to attain in your life.
blog post pic.jpg

Other minor things like music and water can play a big part in boosting your mood and appetite for work. It may not seem like much but these little things do work.


blog post pic2.jpg

(Disclaimer- All pictures used in this post with the * were taken from Google. I do not claim ownership.)




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8 Quotes for nerve wrecking days

Honestly everyone has days when they  feel “shaky” especially when you have something important to do or if  you need to complete something that can make a life changing difference for you, it could be your first job or delivering a presentation, it doesn’t matter being anxious is something that befalls us all.

In times of nervousness or anxiety I rely on a few quotes that can make one see the wider picture.

  1.  Don’t let your fear limit your possibilities .                                                                            anxietypost
  2.                                                                                                                new
  3.                                                                                              new
  4. Always feed your nervousness with                                                                                       positive and affirmative thoughts                                                                                             2
  5.                                                                                                                                                          3
  6. Most of us are afraid to take risk, and when we try to, that’s when anxiety and the fear of failing starts to hit us but we have to remember that only when we accomplish our dreams we will feel great.                                                                4
  7. With your anxiety can come much procrastination…and let me say if you don’t do it now you’ll never know what you could accomplish and in the end you’re going to be stuck with regrets.                                                            5
  8. Finally don’t let your fear of what could happen stop you from doing your best.                                                                                                                                                           8.jpg


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I’m not 44 years as yet but the least I know is that with age there should be some growth in wisdom. A question was posed on “real issues” a week ago to Judy Williams member of the ‘Civil Organisation’ in regards to raising the bar for Electoral campaigning in Grenada .

Well this is my take on the whole thing.

As citizens we need to stop ‘sitting on our *rump, burning *draws’

We need to make sure that the next person or persons running for the office of Prime Minister is guided by a set of principles and directions. If we want to see true politics take place in this country or campaigning be done with standard and not as a joke then  our leaders need to step up and take example from those who are dead and gone ( may their souls rest in peace), for God sake (and if this doesn’t get you thinking then I don’t know what else will) lets look at the great George Brizan, what was his mannerism as a leader ?

MR. Brizan

How about the late Maurice Bishop ?


His decorum was one of leadership and last but not least the charisma of Sir Eric Matthew Gairy.



A beautiful man with great intentions for this country. Sadly these leaders who left trademark examples of what class is are now rolling in their graves.

How can we grow leaders for the future with these types of attitudes expressed in politics presently ? The back biting the mouth lashing ? Are we big men acting like girls or children ? I don’t know which is worse.

Seeing change in  campaigning and elections will only come when we have leaders who are focused on talking about the issues as ADULT men and women #gettingshitdone! rather than entertaining the people of Grenada.

We are done with the B.S of “building better”. You can’t build on the backs of children. We need strong independent thinkers with a soul for country and a pride for heritage. Look at how one mans good intentions got us to a place with one of the best international airport and airstrip in the Caribbean.




*Rump: a term used in place of butt, ass or buttocks.                                                              *Draws: Any form of underwear such as panties or briefs, especially large underwear.      *Burning Draws: sitting on your butt doing nothing.

Sources: Caribbean dictionary

(Disclaimer- All pictures used in this post were taken from Google. I do not claim ownership.)

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How to manage your Temper

Trust me if  self-control didn’t exist some things would have gone –south– by now like those people on the bus who can’t control their children or those drivers who think they own the road, not to mention those Indian store workers that have bad customer service. But guess what we learn and some are still learning how to diffuse situations with a smile there and a smile here.

Sharing with you 5 ways to control that temper

  • For one keep calm by taking a deep breath and thinking about the consequencesprimate-ape-thinking-mimic
  • Staying away and ignoring statements or confrontations by the person (basically going the other way)
  • Think about an old time joke (laughter is always a good dose of medicine)dog smiling
  • Finding other ways to work around the problem like addressing the situation calmly and giving the other person an opportunity to vent their frustration and state their opinion.2 Person Holding Hands
  • And best of all reading a novel, playing a game, going for a run, writing or listening classic instrumentals.

All these points are worth trying if you suffer from an eruption of emotions.                     Leave a comment tell me how you control your Temper?

Thanks for reading..

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Protecting the Child (2 Ways We Can!)


I’m riding in a bus on my way home and the driver stops to let of a child, she crosses and waves goodbye to the driver and conductor. I have observed similar relationships between children and adults during the month of October and concluded that in all honesty our children depend on us adults to protect and care for them. Children are care free and who blames them? They don’t spend their time judging adults, they can’t see the negativity that’s in the world. Their only concern is to be alive and to play and learn and to be loved. So when a child is abused it can leave bitter memories, this stain on a child’s perception of the world can last throughout this child’s life taking away his or her joy and carefree attitude. I begin to imagine a world where our children are safe to talk to adults and focus on building strong positive childhood memories where young children are not battling with self esteem issues due to predatory behaviors, but  wishful thinking is only that, and this world may never be safe for our children which is why we as parents, siblings, aunts and uncles have to take action and find ways of protecting our children.

These are two ways we can START protecting our children from sexual and other forms of abuse.

  • Speak to them :                                                                                                                                       At a young age you may not be able to tell them about the gory details of sexual abuse and what it entails but as they get older bit by bit let them know.
  • Trust and Listen to your children when they speak :                                                            There have been cases where children were not believed by their parents leaving the abuse to continue. If you know your child and you love your child, reports of such kinds should be taken seriously no matter who or how close the person is to the family.

If you have developed a trustworthy relationship with your child then they will be able to tell you things and vice versa it’s all about having that open communication with your child where they feel comfortable enough to sit and talk to you about anything. In our culture there is this taboo on topics concerning sex within the family which needs to end, parents need to start talking openly to their children and stop hiding behind morals and religion. If you haven’t started, start today, have an open conversation with your child or children don’t wait till it’s too late.